cupcake adventures

I have recently been on a mission to check out cupcake shops in every city I visit. I live in a small town that doesn’t have any cupcake shops, so visiting them is quite an experience for me – it’s as exciting as it must be for a kid to walk into a candy store. I love looking at all the different cupcakes, but am usually torn about which flavors I want to try.

I was lucky enough to visit 4 different shops this past month. The first was Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank, CA. I wouldn’t normally buy this many cupcakes, but H and I were on vacation with my family for the weekend so it gave me an excuse to buy a few more. We were a little disappointed because the cupcakes were somewhat dry, but on a high note, the cocoa cream cheese frosting on the red velvet cupcake was yummy.

yummy Cupcakes
Yummy Cupcakes

Two weeks ago, H and I drove to Colorado. Of course, I mapped out which cupcake shops I wanted to visit on the way there and in Colorado. I had planned to go to one in Las Vegas, but we were crunched for time and I surprisingly wasn’t in the mood for cupcakes – probably because it was 112 degrees out and all I wanted was a big glass of ice water.

We made it a point to visit the 3 cupcake shops I had mapped out in Denver. The first we went to was Lovely Confections. They only had vanilla and chocolate cupcakes left when we got there so the decision was easy.

chocolate cupcake w/ chocolate frosting
Chocolate Cupcake w/ Chocolate Frosting
vanilla cupcake w/ vanilla frosting
Vanilla Cupcake w/ Vanilla Frosting

These cupcakes were good! They were both dense, but still moist. I loved the vanilla frosting. I couldn’t figure out what flavor in the frosting made it different from other vanilla frostings I’ve tried, but whatever it was made it delicious. It was thick and creamy and the pink sugar on top added a nice crunch. The chocolate frosting was also good. It was rich, but not overly sweet. I think it may have been a whipped dark chocolate ganache. I loved the addition of the chocolate tiles on top.

After Lovely Confections, we drove around the corner (literally) and went to The Shoppe. The atmosphere of this place was pretty cool; it was very artsy and looked like a place to hang out. I had a hard time deciding because there were so many different flavors; luckily, they had mini cupcakes so I didn’t feel like I was overindulging too much. 🙂

german chocolate
German Chocolate
mint chocolate
Mint Chocolate
mini chocolate and mini vanilla
Mini Chocolate and Mini Vanilla

I liked the frosting on these cupcakes. They had a light texture and weren’t too sweet. I think they may have been some type of meringue frosting. I realized during our taste test that I shouldn’t have gotten 3 chocolate ones. Don’t get me wrong; I love chocolate, but it would have been nice to try another flavor.

Our last cupcake stop on our last day in Colorado was Happy Cakes. I was most excited to go to this one because one of their cupcakes was featured on marthastewart.com. The outside of the shop itself makes you want to go in.

happy cakes bakeshop
Happy Cakes Bakeshop

The shop was even cuter on the inside. They had so many different cupcakes, displayed on different cake stands. I just loved looking at them all and was definitely in a dilemma. In the end, we ended up getting 4 different flavors (2 of them being minis of course).

mini snowball and mini raspberry lemonade
Mini Snowball and Mini Raspberry Lemonade
the cosmo
The Cosmo

The Happy Cakes cupcakes were, by far, my favorite cupcakes from all the ones we tried. All four were delicious – moist cupcakes with frosting that complimented each one very well. I will definitely visit Happy Cakes again next time I’m in Denver.

Visiting 3 different cupcake shops in a week was exciting, but I have to admit that by the time I finished off my last cupcake, I felt a little cupcaked out. I love cupcakes, but I’ve never eaten that many in such a short span of time. Regardless, I will savor the experience – It’s going to be awhile before I go cupcake hopping again. 🙂


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