vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Beans

I love having people over because I can make not-so-portable desserts. Whenever I bake during the week to bring to work or someone else’s house, I have to make something portable – cupcakes, cookies, smaller desserts that don’t need to be refrigerated. Although I love making these types of desserts, I also enjoy making other types of desserts such as ice cream, pies, and those other things that aren’t always so easily transported.

H and I had a dinner party 2 weekends ago and I had planned on making some type of pie or cobbler. What goes well with pies and cobblers? Ice cream! With it being summer and the fact that I stocked up on vanilla beans from Costco, I wanted to make some homemade vanilla ice cream. I found a recipe for a vanilla ice cream without egg yolks. I decided to give this one a try because I figured it wouldn’t be too rich – I’ll take Breyers over Dreyers any day. I prefer the not-overly-creamy texture of Breyers and I thought this would be similar.

The recipe called for heavy cream, milk, sugar, and vanilla beans. How simple!

Mis en place

Too bad I had missed the part about using “thick” heavy whipping cream when I made my shopping list. I’ve accidentally bought this “thick” type of heavy whipping cream before – you know, the kind you almost have to scoop out of the bottle. The thicker type of cream is required to get the right consistency since there are no egg yolks. Unfortunately, I bought the regular type of heavy whipping cream that pours right out of the container. Needless to say, after 30 minutes of churning my ice cream was icy liquid instead of soft serve.

I poured the liquid into a container, crossed my fingers, and let it freeze for 5 hours. The result was a very icy vanilla milk that melted almost immediately after it was removed from the freezer…but the flavor was delicious. I was surprised at how much those tiny vanilla specks flavored the cream and milk mixture. I’ll be making this one again and look forward to seeing how it turns out with the right ingredients.


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