Kung Fu Panda Cake

A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to make a cake and 3 dozen cupcakes for her nephew’s 1st birthday.  She wanted either a Kung Fu Panda cake or a Cars cake.  Well, when it comes to sculpted cake toppers, H is the one with the talent (and patience).  He wanted to do something new so he chose Kung Fu Panda.   I had almost no part in the cake (it was a fake cake b/c they were just going to serve the cupcakes).  All I did was make the fondant and help color it.

the evolution of Po
the evolution of Po

H is such a good sculptor.  He’s gotten more comfortable sculpting rice krispies and working with fondant.

the artist at work
the artist at work

He even made the little punching bag character to stand behind Po.  I think he did a great job with the details – the peaches, the hat, the belt, and even the patch on Po’s pants.  And the bamboo was such a good idea.  I love how Po is doing the splits and that his big belly touches the ground.  He was so cute!

the details

H was sad when my friend picked up the cake.  He got attached to Po and missed him.  I understand…they did spent quite a few hours together. 🙂

the final cake
the final cake

The cupcakes were supposed to be the peanut butter chocolate cupcakes I had made a few weeks before, but this was at the same time the peanut recall was going on.  Even though the news kept saying peanut butter was safe, I was too paranoid and wanted to avoid it altogether.  Instead of using peanut butter in the buttercream, I used nutella and added a little salt.  I didn’t have anymore toffee or chocolate shards so I decided to use cut up Heath bars at the last minute – similar flavors in a different form.

nutella cupcake
nutella cupcake

We’re both looking forward to the next cake.  Maybe I’ll actually get to bake a cake next time. 🙂


1 Response to “Kung Fu Panda Cake”

  1. 1 young mccann
    March 24, 2009 at 9:52 am

    I like the kung fu panda cake. Very nice work.
    I don’t think I can eat this cake (it is too nice), but I would look at it everyday and remind myself that today is a gift (that is why we call it present). hehe

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