H and I went to a Valentine’s Dinner at Church the week before Valentine’s Day.  I was asked to bring a dessert and I wanted to make something new.  I had seen several blog posts about cheesecake pops and have been wanting to make them for awhile.  It looked like quite a process, but the pops were beautiful so I decided to try.  Well, my cheesecake balls came out a little too big and I was afraid a little lollipop stick wasn’t going to hold them so I decided not to leave them on sticks.  I used a thick bamboo skewer to dip them and just pulled them out when the chocolate hardened.   So, instead of cheesecake pops they turned out to be (huge) cheesecake truffles.

I had to use so much chocolate to coat them.  I think I used at least 3 bags of Guittard chocolate chips.  I love chocolate, but I have to say I started to get tired of having to re-melt the chocolate and getting chocolate on everything.

dipping process
dipping process

I rolled them in chopped chocolate, chopped heath bars, pistachios, almonds, and graham crackers.  I drizzled a few of them with melted pink chocolate.

the assortment
cheesecake truffles

My favorite was crushed up heath toffee bars.  I loved the crunch against the soft cheesecake.

heath cheesecake truffle

I’ve always wanted to make chocolate truffles and since I’ve accumulated quite a bit of chocolate I decided to make these too.   It was so easy and didn’t take much time at all – compared to those cheesecake balls!

the process
the process

I used almost the same toppings as I had for the cheesecake balls, the only difference being coconut and cocoa rouge.  I decided to use the (reddish) cocoa rouge instead of regular cocoa powder since they were for Valentine’s Day.

chocolate, heath bar, coconut, pistachios, almonds, cocoa rouge
chocolate, heath bar, coconut, pistachios, almonds, cocoa rouge

For my first time at chocolate truffles, I was pleased with how they turned out (and I finally got to use the mini candy papers that I got at Daiso).  I’ll probably have to change something in the process next time.  The recipe I used said these would last for 2 weeks, but the toppings started falling off after a few days.

the truffles
the truffles

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