san francisco

H tried to surprise me with a trip to San Francisco to see Wicked for my birthday/valentine’s day.  I kind of figured it out a few weeks before when he told me that I needed to request a few days off from work.  I’d hinted at wanting to see the musical a few months before when I found out it was going to be in SF.  We really liked the show and would probably watch it again sometime – although I told H that maybe we should see a matinee next time.  I’m kind of known for falling asleep when I watch movies or even live shows at night.  I never actually fell asleep during the show, but I have to admit that there was a few times when my eyes started closing… wicked

We had fun walking around and being touristy, despite the cold I came down with right before we went on vacation.  We got really lucky that it didn’t rain during the day –  that would have been miserable.   The day after the show we walked around the city.  We started with breakfast at Tad’s Steakhouse.  It was just ok, a normal breakfast.  Our day got off to a later start than I had planned and it was close to our hotel.  We walked around a bit afterwards and then headed down to the Ferry Building where we did a lot of sampling.Ferry Building

We started at Miette where I admired the pastries and cake stands.


Then we lingered at Cow Girl Creamery where I contemplated buying a small hunk of cheese to go with some fresh bread from the stall next door.  We ended up skipping the cheese since we’re both lactose intolerant and didn’t want to carry it around with us.

Cow Girl Creamery

We stopped at Recchiuti where I deliberated on whether or not to buy myself a small box.  I really want to, but decided against it.  I’ve been hoarding the book Chocolate Obsession from the library for about 6 weeks now and really wanted to try the real thing.


We stopped at Stonehouse Olive Oil for samples – twice.

Olive Oil

We were going to leave the Ferry Building but realized that we were a little hungry for lunch.  The paninis at Boccalone Salumeria called to us so we gave in and shared a muffaletta panini.


After the Ferry Building we walked through the Embarcadero Center and made our way to Chinatown.  We didn’t really plan on stopping anywhere in Chinatown, but my aunt called to wish me a happy birthday just as we were getting to the end.  She told me about her favorite coffee crunch cake from Eastern Bakery and about their pork buns.  H and I turned around and headed the other way looking for the bakery.  We found it and now coffee crunch cake is one of my favorite cakes.

Eastern Bakery

H had mapped out a dim sum place he read about so we headed over there after Chinatown (it wasn’t actually in Chinatown).  I know, it seems like we had already been eating all day, but we were really just “sampling”.  The dim sum place was FAR.  I felt like we were walking forever and by the time we got there we were both starving.  Everything was tasty and the egg custards looked so yummy.  I ended up having to take all the egg custards to go though because I stuffed.

Dim SumWe walked all the way back to our hotel to rest after the dim sum place.  After a much needed nap we went to the SF Center before a late dinner at a Thai restaurant across the street from our hotel.   We shared some pad thai and crab fried rice and I had a bowl of tom kha kai.  Unfortunately, the food was just ok and the rice was actually a little bland.


The next morning we went to Dottie’s for breakfast.  I had been having a hard time waking up early because I was sick so we didn’t get there until 9:00.  That was a bad time because we ended up having to wait in line for an hour outside.  The food was good, but I don’t know if it was worth the hour wait.  Maybe it was because we just ordered from the regular menu.


Our last stop in San Francisco was Ghirardelli Square.  We were going to visit my family and I wanted to stop by Kara’s to pick up some cupcakes – for my birthday and valentine’s day of course.  I saw on their website that they had smore cupcakes as their valentine special.  They also had a lot of flavors that I hadn’t seen at the Santana Row Kara’s so I bought a few more than I had originally planned.Ghirardelli Square

It was sad as we drove away from San Francisco because our vacation and break from reality was over.  It’s actually on the way to my parents house so I’m hoping our next stop in SF will be sometime soon.


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