rustic dinner rolls

The same weekend that I tried to make croissants, I also prepared a mini comfort meal for some friends who just had a baby.  It was a very busy Saturday.  H and I ran errands while the croissant dough tried to rise and I didn’t get started on the mini meal until almost 6pm.  We stayed up until almost 2 am (he watched movies on his xbox while I listened from the kitchen).  It’s funny b/c the only time I really ever stay up that late is when I’m baking.   I made hearty chicken noodle soup, rustic dinner rolls, and classic brownies – all recipes from Cooks Illustrated.  It seemed like the perfect comfort meal for a cold, rainy weekend.  The rustic dinner rolls came out much better than my croissants.  Maybe it was because I had started them much later when the heater and stove had been running already for a few hours.

I was very pleased with how they turned out.  I love the crunchy outside and chewy, soft inside.  And they freeze well!  I will definitely be making these again – maybe I’ll just make dinner rolls from now on instead of buying them.  Oh, the chicken soup and brownies were tasty, too!


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