brown butter brown sugar shorties

A few weeks ago I tried some brown butter cookies from a local company.  They were a little pricey ($3 for 3 small cookies), but H and I both thought they were pretty good.  I decided to search for cookie recipe that would be similar and came across this recipe for brown butter brown sugar shorties on smittenkitchen.  I had seen this post before and couldn’t believe I had just passed over it.  Now that I had a brown butter cookie craving I just had to make it.

brown butter bits
brown butter bits

creamed brown butter and brown sugar
creamed brown butter and brown sugar
rolled in raw sugar
rolled in raw sugar

They didn’t come out looking exactly like the ones on smittenkitchen, but they were still delicious.  Some people who commented on her website said that they flattened and spread out so I wasn’t too surprised.  I was grateful for the warning she posted at the end of the recipe – otherwise the flattened cookies would’ve been a bummer.  These were really easy to make and I’ve decided to keep tweaking the recipe until I get the texture that I want.  I’ve since made 2 additional batches which I’ll have to post later, but I have to say that the smell of browned butter and brown sugar is becoming one of my favorite things.


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