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something to hold you over…

I’ve been a bum again – it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted.  I’ve still been baking about once a week, but I’ve been lazy.  I have lots of excuses – allergies (which won’t go away), P90X workout (which is not regularly scheduled either so it’s a poor excuse), and busy times at work (projects and we’re moving to a different building).  On top of that, this past month has been the  c r a z i e s t  because H and I bought a house!  It’s literally been a month since we went out with a realtor to look at some houses “just for fun”.  We’d been looking online for awhile “for fun” and decided we wanted to see the inside of some of the places.  Well, we ended up putting in an offer that day and have been in a whirlwind of house related business since.  My interests almost immediately flipped – Home Depot over Michaels, HGTV over Food TV, and paint/furniture/decor over icing/mixers/cake decorating.  Well, maybe not that drastic.  I’ve still been baking, but haven’t been putting as much time into experimenting,  taking step-by-step photos, or even final product photos. *Sigh*  I’ve felt really bad for neglecting my blog so I thought I should at least post a short little something.

We bought some strawberries that weren’t so sweet so I decided to make a dessert out of them instead of eating them straight up.  I made an angel food cake and macerated the strawberries in amaretto liqueur and a little sugar and also had a convenient (secret) stash of Cool Whip in the freezer.  Here’s to the beginning of summer and to other new and exciting beginnings.  🙂

strawberry trifle