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I can’t believe mid-August is just around the corner.  I feel like I’m always asking, “Where did the time go?” H and I have been doing lots of yard work.  We started in April and have come a long way, but there is still lots of work to be done.  Up until this week, I hadn’t been baking nearly as much as I used to (used to being at least once a week) and when I did bake I didn’t take any pictures half the time.  We’ve recently started going to farmer’s market again and when the strawberries are good we usually end up buying a half flat because it’s such a good deal.  Whenever we buy that many, there are definitely plans for baking with some of them.  I love fresh strawberries from farmer’s market, but I find that if we don’t eat them within the first 2 (or if we’re lucky 3) days, they start to take a turn for the worst real fast.  What do I do when I find myself in such a predicament? I start baking strawberry everything!  If I really don’t have time, I’ll freeze them, but I hate having to resort to that because I’d much rather take advantage of their freshness.  A few weeks ago when I had an overabundance of strawberries I made some strawberry ice cream.  It is delicious! I’ve made strawberry ice cream before, but I think this is my new favorite recipe (which I promise to post later).  There’s no egg yolks so it’s not too rich.

strawberry ice cream

This week I had strawberries and leftover buttermilk from making pancakes over the weekend.  I found the perfect recipe for a raspberry buttermilk cake on smitten kitchen and substituted strawberries.  My cake wasn’t as pretty as the raspberry buttermilk cake, but it was still wonderful.  My cut strawberries must have been a little heavier than raspberries because they all them sank to the bottom.

strawberry buttermilk cake

And because I had even more strawberries and buttermilk leftover, I made a strawberry layer cake that I saw in the August 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  The cake in the magazine is a beautiful 4 layer cake with strawberry jam, macerated strawberries, and whip cream between each layer.  It really is a picture perfect cake that I wanted to replicate, but ended up with what I like to call a strawberry slump cake.  I cut the strawberries too thin and decided to make pastry cream instead of whip cream, which was fine except that I didn’t have enough to create a lot of lift between the layers.  Nevertheless, it was still tasty and was gobbled up when I brought it to work.

strawberry layer cake

You’d think I’d be a little strawberry’d out, but I’m not.  My strawberry plants in the backyard are doing well, but not enough for me to bake anything with them.  I usually harvest 1 or 2 at a time :).  H has been wanting me to make a strawberry pie so I don’t think he’ll mind if we stop by the farmer’s market again tomorrow to pick up a few packs, or maybe even another half flat.