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january – a recap

I didn’t think I’d have to do a January recap, but it somehow flew by too.  Here’s what I was up to the first half of the month.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for a friend’s birthday.  This was before the peanut scare.  (These were perfectly safe by the way.)  I think this is my new favorite.

look at how dark that cocoa powder is
look at how dark that cocoa powder is
black chocolate cupcakes
black chocolate cupcakes
peanut butter buttercream
peanut butter buttercream

topped with chocolate shards and english toffee
topped with chocolate and english toffee

Mixed Berry Cobbler

H and I had some friends over for dinner and I made this mixed berry cobbler for dessert.  It had a biscuit topping and used frozen berries – raspberry, blueberry, and blackberries.

mixed berry cobbler


Vanilla Cupcakes

These are yellow cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.    I just felt like baking one night and trying a new recipe.  I’m still looking for my favorite vanilla cupcake.  I made pink and white buttercream because I ended up topping them with frosted circus animal cookies (hence the nonpareils).

white frosted cupcakes
pink frosted cupakes

Kara’s Cupcakes – Trip 2

H and I stopped at Kara’s again.  We were in San Jose to pick up my MIL from the airport so I scheduled a trip to Kara’s since it’s only a few minutes away.  We were in a hurry and didn’t think of picking up coffee first. The caramel fleur de sel was good, but super rich.  We went to Peet’s after to wash it down.

Kara's Cupcakes
lemon, coconut, fleur de sel
lemon, coconut, fleur de sel
caramel fleur de sel cupcake
chocolate fleur de sel cupcake


peach cobbler – a lesson learned

I made peach cobbler to go along with the vanilla ice cream I made. H and I went to farmer’s market the morning of our dinner party to buy some fresh peaches. We were disappointed because all of the peaches we tasted were flavorless. It must’ve been too early in the season. We resorted to buying the peaches at the grocery store where they were less than half the cost; if I had to buy peaches that weren’t great, I was going to get the cheapest ones.

These looked good – but they weren’t ripe. The peaches were really firm. H and I both figured they’d soften as they baked. I assembled the cobbler and baked it off as soon as our guests arrived. I checked it 45 minutes later when it was supposed to be done and was horrified. There was no thick peachy liquid at the bottom of the pan; it was completely dry and the peaches were covered with the dry cornstarch, cinnamon, and sugar mixture that I had tossed them in. Duh – I didn’t take into account that firm peaches weren’t going to be very juicy. I should have added some liquid to the mixture and baked it without the biscuit topping until they softened. H added some water and I checked about half an hour later. It was just liquid and only slightly softened peaches. We added more water and more sugar. After checking on it for a third time, H pulled it out of the oven and mashed up half of the cobbler topping so he could mix everything up. We stuck it back in the oven and didn’t even set a timer; who knew how long it would take for the peaches to boil in the liquid and finally soften? It was probably over 2 hours after the original “done” time when I took it out of the oven for good. Apart from the mashed up biscuits in half the dish, it finally looked like peach cobbler.

Surprisingly, the “boiled” peach cobbler and icy vanilla milk ice cream wasn’t half bad. The only thing that mattered was that our guests enjoyed it and most of them didn’t even know about the whole fiasco. Simple lesson learned the hard way – when a recipe calls for ripe fruit, use ripe fruit.